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2 JP Ranch Fibers: Mohair, Wool, Black Combed Top Wool and Yarn.

MOHAIR(Top) Long Adult Mohair - (Bottom) Kid Mohair from 2JP Ranch - Texas Hill Country
The 2JP offers both white and natural colored mohair to blacks, dark gray, light gray (blue) and red. From soft extra curly kid mohair to the long 8 - 10" mohair favored by doll makers, or mohair roving it is all produced right here on the Ranch. The goats are sheared like sheep in the spring, just before babies arrive.

Our flock of Navajo Churro cross sheep offer unusual shades of red, chocolate and black in their fleeces. White fleeces and roving to all colors are available. Our wool roving is wonderful for locker hooking and adds lovely natural tones. (pictured above - (Top) Long Adult Mohair - (Bottom) Kid Mohair)

Recently, the 2JP added several purebred Rambouillets ewes to our flock. They are bred to a 3/4 Australian merino ram. This spring their fleeces will be available and the lamb fleeces next spring.

BLACK COMBED TOP WOOLAngelina Fiber - Black Combed Top Wool
Angelina® Fiber is a new, very fine (sized as small as 7.5 denier), unique fiber. Light reflective, as well as light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminous, while (unlike regular metallics) it has an extremely soft hand. Blended with other fibers in amounts as small as 2%, it gives sparkle and highlights to your yarn.

     Angelina Fiber - Black Combed Top Wool New Angelina Color New Angelina Crimped

Angelina comes in three classifications - Irridescent, Holographic and Metalized. In naturally occurring mother-of-pearl, opals and peacock feathers, reflected rays interact to reinforce some wave lengths and dampen others. This breaks up the white light, so various colors reflect to the viewer. This same concept is used in the manufacture of the iridescent Angelina fiber. The holographic Angelina has ultra high-tech color refractive sparks, while the metalized fiber gives soft metallic highlights.
Imagine diamond dew drops on a spider's web and the iridescence of butterfly wings!

Colors: Irridescents:

  • Butterfly Blue Flash - Blue/teal sparkles of color on a dark gray base.
  • Peacock Green Flash - The name says it all! The base is a dark gray.
  • Purple Flash - This has a medium gray base.
  • Enchanted Forest Flash - Green, gold and red flashes on a brown/black base.
  • Crystal Mother of Pearl - Blue-violet sparkles on a clear base.
  • Crystal Aurora Borealis - Green, red and gold flashes on a clear base.
  • Opal Sparkle - Green, gold and red sparkles on an ice blue base.
  • Crystal Amethyst - Purple sparkles on a clear base.
  • Crystal Green Lightning - Green and Gold on clear base.


  • Silver Hologram - An incredible shower of multi-colored sparkles on a silver base.


  • Copper Flash - Coppery flashes on a brown/black base
  • Silver Flash
  • Gold Flash - A warm rose gold glow.
  • Turquoise Flash - Bright!
  • Red Wing Flash - True red metallic
  • Fuchsia Flash
  • Emerald Flash
  • Royal Flash - Deep blue-purple metallic.

Note that the base color is the color of the fiber when there is no direct light reflection. Every portion of the fiber has the potential to reflect to the viewer sparkles of color. This is what gives the fiber its lively "color in motion" quality. The effect can be like watching light dance off the surface of water. A little Angelina goes a long way.


  • Half Ramb/Merino wool
  • Half Kid Mohair

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